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First Psd 2011

Yay my first made psd in 2011.
I’m doing some major changes on this blog. I’ll officially make it a psd blog, although there will be blog entries that aren’t about psd’s ._. Please follow this blog ~ I’m thinking of stopping my “mix” psd’s and making my “own” original by experimenting. I’ll post atleast 1/2 psd’s a month. I’m also reconsidering to make Icon psds and not just colorings. Depends on what the downloaders like better.


Psd link;


Comments on the lj entry or on here are appreciated :3

Mix psd

~ blahh haven’t uploaded some in ages. Mix psd yay
because I’m tired lol.


there you go ~


Sunnyfied ^-^

Yayyyy How is everybody ??? Its almost Christmas ;3…. lol…. Idek what I’m getting for christmas .___. I wish I knew a hint ….

Y’all know it?

Also ;

+6 Sunny icons;


Mehh wp is being a bich to me >:’|| I can’t get them next to eachother

Scene Queens still ” Scene Queens”

Remember the days when Scene Queens were still in? Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth, Jac Vanek, Zui etc etc. Well Some of them have quit modeling probably after Scene died.
From what I know Audrey is still a model… I don’t think I can consider her as a scene queen no more… but she’s still lovely and gorgeous. At least she kept her pink hair ?!
I’m pretty sure Mosh is a model too, she has some pretty pics !. She was never my favorite but I still adore her pictures…
Hanna Beth was always my number one… really ^^ but now I choose Audrey over her because I love Audrey’s pics. But Hanna Is still gorgeous :3

A few edits;
Mandy MurphyMandy Murphy.
Well I never knew her from the beginning though, but I know I have her on myspace.

Audrey KitchingAudrey Kitching;
She used to be quite famous when scene(queens) were still in… now she isnt? Well she’s still a model, and still has her pink hair… I just love her pink hair :3 At least she can make it come off pretty.


Hanna BethOhh Hanna <3333 Still number one at heart *___* that pic of her is so gorgeous umg <3 The coloring I used made it come out pretty

What do you think of scene queens?
Will they ever be successful as before?
Who here do you think is the prettiest?



First Blog Entry

Welcome to Vocalate, my personal blog. This blog isn’t only about me but about stuff that seems interesting. And my opinion of course. I made a start by making my own header with Photoshop. The name Vocalate came from Wheesung’s 6th album “Vocalate” , Trickling Desire comes from his song “Trickling/Jooreureuk”. With a little help of my friend :] Well I decided to put him on the header after he replied to one of my comments. I though that was awesome because I never though he’d reply on my comment. Even tho it were 5 letters I’m still glad. Atm I’m still looking for affiliates. One of these days I think I’ll buy a domain… but only if my blog gets famous. Also please do not mention my name on any comment :] I’m not keeping myself anonymouse but I’d rather have no one say my name :] So if you know me yay. Also sometimes I’ll be adding some easy edits, just because I love them. Free to use them. The main size is 500×300.


Yay for him

Just another edit

xoxo yay


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